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He looks like he just rolled off the couch after a day of playing video games. Instead it’s a surfing pal letting Jesse know if he heads to the beach, like right now, he can still catch some great waves. Certainly in Jones’ hands, Celeste is very likable. Marriage itself serves as the framing device for everything in the movie. Jesse and Celeste were high school sweethearts who wed young — she grew up, he didn’t, now they’re divorcing.They are slated to be best man/woman at their close friends’ coming nuptials — another almost perfect couple, Tucker (Eric Christian Olsen) and Beth (Ari Graynor).Your boyfriend can expect the unexpected with this romantic dramedy.This movie may feature rom-com queen Rachel Mc Adams, but it totally unique to the genre.The rest of the narrative winds around those opposite poles — one marriage happily approaching, another sadly falling apart.The comedy and the drama mostly reside in the coming apart stage as Jesse and Celeste finally try going solo, which means they start dating other people.Introduced through one of the more crisply conveyed and conceived opening credits sequences of recent memory (perfectly set to Lily Allen’s “Dreams”), things nonetheless get quite messy for the longtime couple the more they talk to outside observers of their relationship, Jesse’s flagging ambitions and Celeste’s overly controlling nature becoming more apparent than it likely did when they decided to break up.Although the pair appear to be limiting their future by staying in such close quarters, one can’t say the same for the film itself which joins the ever-growing subgenre of breakup comedies that romanticize only the notion that some people simply aren’t meant to be together.

Twists on the traditional formula are abound in the film, beginning with the hire of director Lee Toland Krieger, who no doubt was brought in to give the film some of the raw, emotional edges he previously did for the rough family drama “The Vicious Kind.” Scenes often run on beyond their expected length to either allow the more comic elements of Jones and Mc Cormick’s script to break through rather than be force fed or linger on Jones and Samberg in their more vulnerable moments.She comes to life, but their love story is far from perfect.This stunning film is centered on an imaginary girl, but brings out real-life, relatable, relationship struggles.Still, thanks to the sheer likeability of the entire cast, most specifically Samberg and Jones, the latter of whom indeed has written a dynamic part for herself that seems to reflect her true personality which we’ve only seen in shades before, the film feels as if it’s captured something very real even if it’s done so in fairly superficial way. Time to pop some popcorn and settle in with your beloved beau. You're a fan of the lovey-dovey rom-coms and he's well... We have to perfect compromise to save your evening.

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