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Despite talking to press all day, the Evanescence singer and gothic rock superstar is warm and chatty, anticipating our next question with a, “C’mon, what you got, whatcha got? “You’re my last in a looong block of interviews,” she tells us in her throaty, sing-song voice before we begin – but to her credit, it’s clear that when it comes to talking about Evanescence, she’s so fiercely proud of her band that she relishes the chance to set a few things straight.

Lee was featured on the Seether hit “Broken.”During that time, Lee and Morgan sang his song Broken that became a hit after their voices were heard together.Wind-up Records is based in New York City and was founded in 1997 by Diana and Alan Meltzer.At some point, Saron Gas’s initial drummer returned to South Africa, while Shaun and the other member formed a new band name, named – ”Seether.”On August 20, 2002, they released they debut major-label album, titled – ”Disclaimer.” In 2004, this album (with a few additional songs) was re-released and remixed as – ”Disclaimer II.” The band has released 5 more studio albums: In 2016, Shaun has been awarded The National Council Artistic Expression Impact Award of Excellence. They divorced because his wife did not follow him to the US.From their humble, teenage beginnings in the 90s to the overwhelming breakthrough of , an orchestral retrospective of their career, there’s a lot of ground to cover.Yes, with just three studio albums in 20 years, they’ve appeared to have some long breaks, but Amy is adamant that it’s all part of a process that’s allowed the band to continue.“People are like, ‘Oh, so you’ve been hanging out and doing nothing for five years, how come?

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