American men dating irish women

Dating is another aspect of Russian culture vs American culture.

Emancipated and self-sufficient American women often pick up guys without waiting for them to make the first move. Still, men who have more traditional view on dating consider this kind of change in relationship not as benefit, but as a declining state of tradition values.

As a result, women were forced to take care of their families on their own.

So, a Russian woman became something of a universal soldier, who is able to build her own career and remain a great mother. A woman who is able to provide for herself, but doesn't see it as her main goal in life, and thus is much more interested in family and values her husband.

No analysis of when this Russian-mania started on the dating market. So, the reason behind men from around the globe going mad about Russian women is the beauty of those Slavic females?The second wave of interest came much later when men got a deeper understanding of Russian vs American cultural peculiarities.It turned out that there is a significant difference between Russian and American women.So, if you're interested in women from Russia, you should learn every aspect of Russian girls vs American girls.The first aspect of Russian women vs American women is the impact of feminism.

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