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Another one of her friends of Welsh descent joined us in the jacuzzi.Before long we had all our clothes off and began making out. So, we all began doing the nasty between trips to the bathroom for a wee. I was dead after all of that as you can imagine, but the girls weren't disappointed with the size of the snake.Black guys have it made in the Anglo world, thanks to Hollywood/MTV. Only thing is, Australian women I've seen traveling have been pretty mediocre. Only thing is, Australian women I've seen traveling have been pretty mediocre. If he could retire, said Sydney would be it or Rio.....Yeah, sorry, but my BS meter was clicking as I read your post.Y'all peep this video of Snoop moving to Australia with Aussie model/actress Sophie Monk. Nowhere near as much as it does when GManifesto posts about swooping fly honeys in Monaco from the couch in his parent's basement, but still...I was supposed to get up early to go to the beach cause we had a long drive.

My friend, who was plastered started tell dirty jokes..blowjob/she swallows type jokes.I want to Sydney for 8 days and Melbourne for 2 days last November.I went because of all the stories my best friend told me about.Personally, I don't give a fat rat's ass whether you believe the earth is round -- or not.I'd be willing to bet that you were one of the many that didn't think America would elect a Black president.

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Scandalous Bobby Brown, back in the '90s -- thru his security guys -- used to invite random chicks from the audience at his concerts in Oz back to his hotel room. They can't get enough Reggeaton and Daddy Yankee down there..

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