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One that is able to carry out a conversation with your users in a way that makes them feel comfortable and understood.Ultimately leading them to want to engage with you more.The reason it’s so important to do this is because almost universally consumers like to engage with brands that align with their own personal value set — even if they aren’t aware that this is what they’re doing.Sure, there is also the aspiration angle that a number of brands tend to leverage in their advertising but the truth is most people are looking for a brand that is created specifically for them.Natural Language Programming It’s hard to say if brands were central to the idea of creating a more natural conversation with AI.The concept has certainly been popular in media and movies since time immemorial with some of the more notable robot personalities of Hal 9000, 2001 Space Odessy, R2D2 in Star Wars and more recently Dolores Abernathy in the remake of West World (if you haven’t seen the first season yet, you need to).Jon Walker covers broad trends at the intersection of AI and industry for Emerj.He has reported on politics and policy issues for news organizations including National Memo, Massroots, NBC, and is a published science fiction author.

This is a very simple explanation but at a minimum explains how NLP works.

There seems to have been a hankering for humans to be able to speak to their machines like they’re friends, and very specifically a friend that has a whole lots of personality and is very quick witted.

Traditionally a “conversation” with your machine required the understanding or use of programming languages.

The key idea of course is that a user can carry out a conversation with the bot or VA in order to get an action completed or to find a solution to a problem or query.

Until recently conversations were nothing more than a little robotic but times they are a changin.

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