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As a general rule of thumb, if they haven't responded to your attempts at making contact after three to four tries and you know they have access to phones, email and the internet, let it go and stop trying.

They might well surprise you --better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed and devastated because you acted out of neediness and desperation.5.

Nobody likes to have to defend themselves or be forced into a corner. If you are distressed by your ex's actions/words then you need to change the way in which you react to them otherwise you are setting yourself up for intense mood swings and even depressive episodes -- let alone another break up.8.

Do not assume anything, always seek to understand and be understood Always ask your ex for clarification if you are not too sure about what he or she is saying; and be open to several solutions.

If it is likely that you will fail because of a sense of inadequacy/ insecurity, neediness, desperation, guilt, anger, jealousy etc. In this state, you are not at your best and you are not thinking clearly and rationally.

The amount of time and effort it takes for each person to once again become emotionally available differs according to the time and effort each wastes ranting, raving, stalking, moping around and missing their ex.2.

Don't try to create the same relationship again, instead create one that is better than the old one You can not start a new relationship with your ex from where the old one ended.

But if you courageously stand up and honestly say "This is my mistake and I am responsible" even if only privately to yourself, you begin to see a way forward instead of being stuck in the past.

This makes him or her feel that he or she is not locked into a decision and that you have his or her best interest at heart.

I am not going to lie to you, this is not going to be easy.

Trying to put everything on fast forward is a huge mistake that actually slows down the process -- and even permanently halts it.

Just because you want your ex back so bad, does NOT mean they feel the same about you at that point in time.

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