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She created her profile on a couple of dating sites and waited. She wailed to me on our first phone call that she hadn’t heard from men, never mind good ones! Right away Connie and I got to work to change her dating experience.

I’m a huge fan of online dating but, as I say to clients all the time, “It’s great – if you do it well.” Norman Vincent Peale taught us that “we tend to get what we expect.” So if a woman comes to me and says that, with online dating, a woman can only expect to meet abhorrent men, she’s probably right.

Make sure you’re in the driver’s seat with a well-thought out travel plan and an excellent road map.

I’ve seen so many women who are trying to meet a man for all the wrong reasons. They invest months and years of energy and time to meet a man with no results.

Your job is to be clear in your own mind and to communicate clearly who you are and what you want in both your words and your behavior.

Look at it this way: Someone has to make the first move, why not you?

This clarity becomes your road map to the man of your dreams.

Too many women are out there dating with no effective road map.

Without a road map, you’ll just end up wherever the wind blows you.

You will likely end up some place you never intended or desire to be.

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